Type of natural medicines to cure asthma

– Coffee

Although most of the dangers of coffee are not good for health, coffee can be a drink that is very helpful in treating asthma. You can consume bitter black coffee without sugar to ward off asthma attacks. The caffeine content in coffee is useful for eliminating all respiratory problems and relieving the respiratory tract. Although coffee can be used to treat asthma, it is not recommended to always consume coffee, given the danger of caffeine in it is not good for the body.

– Bombay Onion Potions

Did you know that onions are a powerful ingredient for dealing with asthma attacks. Onions compare anti-inflammatory substances that can reduce inflammation in the airways. Onions can also reduce inflammation that occurs in the lungs. You can consume raw onions to treat asthma.


Honey contains natural substances that can help relieve the respiratory tract for people with asthma. Alcohol in honey has one of the substances that is soothing to the respiratory cavity. Besides that honey also contains nutrients that are important to maintain the immune system and avoid various other types of diseases. The way to use it is:

  • Prepare one teaspoon of honey
  • Add a little powdered cinnamon and dissolve it
  • You can consume honey directly or dissolve it in warm water.

– Respiratory exercises

One other method known to reduce asthma symptoms and attacks is respiratory exercises. This exercise is done to train the lungs to be able to have normal capacity. Various gymnastic movements can be done to maintain health, make the mind relax and avoid sufferers from stress.

– Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one type of asthma treatment method introduced by China. Various types of body points related to the respiratory cavity will be treated with needles. Some people turned out to be able to recover with acupuncture therapy, but it must be done routinely.

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