How to Train Birds to Talk?

If you train birds to talk, make sure the bird you buy is a talking bird before trying it. Even so, birds also have different personalities, so do not expect the bird to talk straight and get used to you. Birds will learn when he is ready. Prepare for the mood of the birds to change; the bird will not see his mood changes as abnormal, but it will be easier for you to accept that birds, like human beings, have an interest level to be responsive and interactive differently over time.

If you plan to keep two birds, separate them first and train yourself one by one. Once you’ve trained it, let the two birds interact with each other.

If you want to help birds nest, you should lure the bird to use your yard as a nesting area. Even though you have not provided a nesting place, and birds are already nesting in your yard, help by monitoring its progress and helping it if needed. Some things you can do to help the wild birds lay eggs in your yard are:

  1. Remove the nest box when it is mating season in a suitable and safe place.
  2. If you find a bird’s nest, make sure the nest is safe, especially when the big wind or rain storms come. When the weather is bad or looks unfriendly, you should lower the nest carefully and place it in a small box, then save it back to the same place. In unfriendly weather, the bird’s nest may fall easily; if this happens, all the baby birds will be killed.

How to Clean out used bird house?

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