Street Style Black Leather Jackets High Fashion

Move over buttoned jacket, and please welcome bomber jacket. What’s new about bomber jacket? Bomber jacket that became a trend in 2018 instead of the usual bomber jacket, you know..Bomber jacket which is now regarded as one of the hot items is a bomber jacket made of satin material that is slick and shiny.

The Not Too Casual Street Style

Although not busy appearing on the runway, it turns out bomber jacket is very much used by the street style behind the runway stage. With satin material that looks polished, bomber jacket this will not make us look too casual. Look at some malls, bomber jackets with satin material has started to appear. Come on, hunt bomber cool jacket on this weekend.

Outerwear trends can change, but there is one outerwear that must always exist in every wardrobe girl: parka! Parka or anorak jackets are very comfortable not only can be used for casual moments, but can also be used for more formal occasions

  1. Young and Sweet. For you who feel the parka is too boyish, match the parka with a dress. Do not forget your hairdo to be more youthful.
  2. Shabby Baby. There are times when you are lazy grooming but want to keep cool. Use your hoodie to the fullest extent, prepare your favorite boots.
  3. Dress up. How to mix and match parka to a formal event: maximize with accessories! Starting from scarf, belt, to jewelry, use accessories that make you look feminine.
  4. Girl Next Door. Do not want too sweet, but also do not want boyish? Impersonate this neutral appearance! Use sneakers and shades to add cool.
  5. Sophisticated Look. Complete your look with a super stylish hat

Where to Buy Floral Pattern Black Leather Jacket Women?

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