Consider the Cheaper Annual Fee of Using Citi Card

By having a Citibank online credit card then the ease of filing for Unsecured Loans will be easier, considering we have no pay slips and companies that accompany us at the time of retirement. In addition, interest from Unsecured Loans is also relatively small on certain banks, therefore credit cards can still be a consideration as we go through

We can make a credit card is a useful card or card that will cause problems. We still need a policy to manage and decide when and where we will use credit cards. As a person who is undergoing retirement of course, intelligence and emotional has become a better and more mature. Given the age and the many experiences we had before.

This will be a control for us to not be careless in deciding the use of credit cards.

It’s also a good idea to conduct a survey of several credit card issuing banks, which are more suitable for our needs. Some things we can consider also to choose the card.

  1. Competitive Interest Rate

We can choose a competitive shopping interest from the card when used for shopping.

  1. Annual Fee

Choose also cards that have a free annual fee, many current bank card issuers who give annual fee no longer be a burden for the owner. This can be a consideration.

  1. Limit amount

Choose a little card limit do not choose the card limit is too large. If necessary lower the limit of our card.

  1. Number of Promo Program

Choose a credit card that has many promos and cooperation with many shopping places, restaurants or even cards that provide many advantages in terms of transportation.

5. Adjust to Needs and Abilities

Careful in choosing a credit card is the thing we must do not to get caught in financial problems in retirement, where should the retirement is a period where we should be more calm and enjoy life and are not burdened with financial problems. Do not be in retirement too you are still worried about the immature financial problems.

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