How to Braid Hair Sideways Dutch Braids?

Hair braids that extend from the middle part of the hair and stick to the back of the ear commonly called Dutch braids. Named so because of how to make it similar to French braids, but with crossed hair down. How to braid hair with style like this?

Below we present a tutorial on how to braids style hair braids are easy and produce neat braids.

-Create the slits on the side, parallel to the right or left temples. After that, take the front of hair and divide into three parts like making a regular braid.

-Blast hair by crossing the right to center (cross from the bottom), so that the center is on the right. Then cross the left to center (cross from the bottom), so that the center turns to the left. Cross and hold for a few lines, then grab a pinch of hair and mix it with three parts of braided hair.

-Close also the back of the hair in each cross. Do it continuously until it reaches the bottom of hair. Then tie with rubber hair.

-Stretching braids that you have made from base to tip. The goal is to make braids look more volume.

That’s how to braid hair sideways with Dutch braids style. Remember, this braid is made with the same technique as the French braids, but by crossing down

African hair braiding for curly hair women

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